Pet Grooming Services

Dedicated Professional groomers for your pets needs. Full Dog and Cat Grooming including custom cuts like the Mohawk, Shaving & Lion Cut. Grooming Services:

  • All breeds of dogs and cats grooming, including Rabbit & Guinea Pig Nail Trimming.
  • Small breed grooming such as Yorkshires
  • Small/med breeds such as West Highland Terriers
  • Med/large breeds such as Labs
  • Large breeds such as Golden Retrievers
  • Extra large breeds such as St. Bernards
  • All grooming prices include: Bathing,drying,ears,nails and clipping
  • Additional Grooming Services:
  • Additional Charge for difficult animals
  • Cat Bathing
  • De-skunking - Dog and Cat skunk odor treatment
  • Flea Treatments - Dog and Cat flea baths
  • Ear Cleaning - for Dogs and Cats
  • Safety First: We call you when your pet grooming is completed, a short stay for your pet!

To find out more or to make a booking call us: 905-637-4143

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